Aardman shorts

Aardman Animations has recently launched a new, self-funded short film programme to showcase the talents of its directors and the first two films have been released.

Fly, shown above, tells the story of a pesky insect that gets in the way of a couch-potato enjoying quality time with his TV. It is directed by Alan Short, who says: «This set up is the premise for a series of silly gags, in the style of a homage to such animation greats as Tex Avery and Chuck Jones.

«The character design is extreme to say the least,» he continues. «Both the man and dog are each the result of just one or two quick drawings – I’m not a fan of over-designing, I prefer the freshness that you get from working quickly and loosely. The intention was for the characters to look funny in their own right yet not over-shadow the humour of the performances.


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