Atopia på utkikk etter filmer og videoer

Video Art in Public Space

Atopia is accepting proposals for the third season of Vitrine Project, 2010-11. Artists of all lands may apply.
Vitrine is an outdoor project of Atopia specifically designed for its windows on the street level of Sannergata in Oslo. Sannergata is a busy route for traffic moving in and out of the city, and the Vitrine has the potential of reaching thousands of viewers everyday.

Vitrine is a dedicated site for artists’ video works in public space. It investigates multi-screen environments and it is engaged with the development of the discourse of video art in public space. Transience – moving images and moving public is the fundamental concept of Vitrine Project.

We seek proposals from individual artists for site-specific, 4-screen video installations that are innovative in their approach and daring in their exploration. Sound is not an option for Vitrine and we prioritize non-narrative and non-violent imagery.

Proposals should include the following:
• Visual description of the work in the form of DVD or other video files.
• Project description (limited to one A4 page)
• CV of the artist

Selected works will go on exhibition between November 2010 and February 2011, when it is dark enough to project outdoors in Oslo. Vitrine uses rear projection, and we have the capability of synchronizing the four video projections.

Selected proposals will receive € 1.000.

Technical Info:
Screen size: 214 cm x 162 cm (x 4)
Distance between the screens: 120 cm
Video format: All QuickTime movie formats (4:3 and 16:9)
Playback: Four mini-Mac computers

Deadline: 30 June 2010

Contact: vitrine(at)
Please send your proposals to: Atopia, Sannergata 32, 0557 Oslo, Norway

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