Beyond the image – cartoons as sources to history

Nordic Network for the Arts of Political Cartoon

Welcomes You to Beyond the image – cartoons as sources to history

26-27 March at the Museum of Work, Norrköping

The third conference, Beyond the image – cartoons as sources to history, arranged by the Nordic Network for the Arts of Political Cartoon will illuminate the political cartoons as witnesses of societal changes throughout history.

The cartoonists make their images for an immediate communication with the readers. In order to capture the audience the subject matters have to relate to national as well as global news feeds.

The cartoonists have just a few seconds to capture the reader. Without the accuracy the cartoon has no edge, without the satirical sharpness the audience’s eyes will not be fixed on the image and the moment of connection is gone.

As a result of this close relationship between the cartoonist and the people, cartoons present a clear image of the Zeitgeist of different eras. In the way they are communicating norms and mentalities as well as giving an image of the relationships between the elected and the electors, political cartoons are very accurate witnesses of societal changes.

But there are many aspects to this question. Does the use of stereotypical figures in cartons affect how we interpret different events and persons of different eras? Can the cartoons reflect a true image of norms and mentalities even though stereotypical figures are being used? Or are the symbols used in cartoons changing just the way the society does?

Register latest 19 March 2012 to

Limited number of seats. Please notice special food requirements when register.

The conference is free. We offer you lunch, coffee and dinner on the evening the 16th.

Accommodation The participants will pay for travel and accommodation. We have special deals with Hotel Princess, Södra Hotellet and Borgs villahotell och B&B.

Program: Beyond the image – cartoons as sources to history

Room Alva, Museum of work/Arbetets museum

Monday 26th of March

11.00 – 12.00 Registration

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch, Restaurang Laxholmen

13.00 – 13.10 Carina Milde, curator the EWK museum, introduction

13.10 – 13.40 Jyrki Vainio, cartoonist and illustrator, Finland on the topic How long is a cartoon’s frame of reference?

13.40 – 14.15 Open discussion

14.15 – 14.45 Coffee

14.45 – 15.15 Artist talk – Carina Milde, curator of EWK museum, Sweden talks to Siri Dokken, cartoonist for Dagsavisen, Norway about the consequence of the use of stereotypical figures in cartoons

15.15 – 15.45 Open discussion

15.45 – 15.50 Short break

15.50 – 16.15 Summary

16.15 – 16.45 Carina Milde presents the exhibition Every joke is a tiny revolution – historic and contemporary Russian satire exhibiting cartoons by the Russian cartoonist Mikhail Zlatkovsky and others

18.30 – 21.00 Dinner, Restaurang Laxholmen

Tuesday 27th of March

09.00 – 09.30 Lena Johannesson, Professor Emerita, Art history and Visual studies and curator of the exhibition The Art of Exaggeration – Caricature in Sweden at the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

09.30 – 10.00 Open discussion

10.00 – 10.30 Coffee

10.30 – 10.50 Vigdis Wolden, curator at Avistegnernes Hus, Norway about the upcoming exhibition Propaganda og karikaturer før og under den tyske okkupasjonen

10.50 – 11.15 Open discussion

11.15 – 11.45 Summary by Carina Milde

11.45 – 12.30 The future of the Nordic Network of Political Cartoon – open discussion

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch, Restaurang Laxholmen

Please forward this invitation to persons you think might contribute to the discussion. The EWK museum and the Museum of Work look forward to meeting you all!

Carina Milde

Intendent EWK-museet/Pedagog Curator EWK museum/Museum educator

Arbetets museum/Museum of Work Laxholmen 602 21 Norrköping

Phone EWK +46-(0)11-23 17 15 Phone Pedagogy +46-(0)11-23 17 04 Mobile +46 -(0)733-57 17 15

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