Book Review – Pricing and Ethical Guidelines

Whether you’re a new or seasoned Illustrator or Graphic Designer, The Pricing and Ethical Guidelines book is a must-have resource to help you with all aspects of the industry, such as ethics, client-relations, contracts, and that elusive matter of pricing. Compiled by the Graphic Artists Guild, this book helps to illuminate current industry standards so that you can go forward with the confidence that comes from being well-informed.


Contracts and Forms

The Appendix of the book offers 23 standard contracts and forms for use in your freelance business. To give you an idea, here’s a list of the forms to be found there:

* Copyright Registration Form VA
* Cease & Desist Letter
* Artist-Agent Agreement
* Artwork Inventory Form
* All-Purpose Purchase Order
* Nondisclosure Agreement for Submitting Ideas
* Licensing Agreement (Short Form)
* Licensing Agreement (Long Form)
* Graphic Designer’s Estimate & Confirmation Form
* Graphic Designer’s Invoice
* Computer-Generated Art Job Order Form
* Computer-Generated Art Invoice
* Digital Media Invoice
* Web Site Design and Maintenance Order Form
* Magazine Purchase Order for Commissioned Illustration
* Illustrator’s Estimate and Confirmation Form
* All-Purpose Illustrator’s Letter of Agreement
* Illustrator’s Release Form for Models
* Illustrator’s Invoice
* Surface/Textile Designer-Agent Agreement
* Surface/Textile Designer’s Estimate and Confirmation Form
* Surface/Textile Designer’s Holding Form
* Surface/Textile Designer’s Invoice

These sample forms are useful for creating customized versions for your business. It’s nice to have a reliable source to look to for guidance when creating legal documents, and Pricing and Ethical Guidelines offers that in spades.

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