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Do it! #2 på Mir fredag 12.03. Det blir Dj´s, Live musikk og live Illustrasjon som skal visualisere musikken gjennom kvelden. Mer info:

Our second DO IT! session in Oslo will welcome some of the biggest droppers of mektig beats this side of the Viking peninsula spinning hot tracks next to an exciting new live solo project straight outta Bergen. All this mixed in with our intercontinental Oslo residents and one of the freshest crews to hit Oslo, since they first imported Colgate, will be throwing the laws of illustration out the window and getting down to a serious live ink’n’sketch session throughout the evenings proceedings. COME DOWN AND CHECK OUT….

THE BITCH BOYS (lot lot)
LEIF live (lief and the future)
VJ POP COM (do it!)
CUPOFILL live illustration

THE BITCH BOYS dj set (lot lot, oslo)
Unashamed bass bashment from a DJ duo that have earned their badges so much in Oslo they were recently invited to lay it down in Amsterdam alongside DJ de jour Instru:mental. DJs, radio hosts and party organizers; since 2007 they’ve shared a stage with acts such as L-Vis 1990, Drop the Lime and TTC. Catch them now and look out for their part in seminal Oslo night Lot Lot!

LEIF live (leif and the future)

Leif and the Future have garnered a fair bit of press recently, and deservingly so for this promising band with creative Bergen roots. However, as a live solo performer LEIF takes things on a different type of journey; new wave, dark synthy, electronic tinged harmonies that could be seen as the happier and lighter equivalent to Steve Mason’s recent Black Affair side project.

CUPOFILL live illustration

Three young creative makers and doers who recently caught the attention of magpies with a cultural eye through their ‘ALL BOTTLED UP’ exhibtion. Lars, Ole and Martin each have their own graphic style that when combined seem destined to light up an urban artscape that is well in need of a colorful interjection. They will be setting up a special installation to draw, paint, sketch and funk up LIVE from opening until closing time.

DJ URAKI RIDDIM and VJ POP COM (do it! residents)
open your ears…Oslo based Aberdonian Uraki Riddim spins anything from beats to dub to house in an unforgiving style /// open your eyes…VJ POP COM’s unique visual show utilizes cinematic referenced, multi-coloured and playful imagery to set the mood every shindig she plays.

Get down early to catch all our acts perform and catch the CUPOFILL talents at work start2finish on their wall masterpiece.
50,- kr door tax.

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