On february first a bunch of people make a journal comic every hour they are awake. and then they show these journal comics to other human beings, sometimes on the internet

we will see how different people actually spend their day. some people will make beautiful comics, some ugly. some boring, some exciting.

• for every hour that you are awake on february first (that’s february first for whatever time zone you happen to be in), you make a comic describing something about the past hour. maybe you ate some cereal? maybe your mother called and screamed long and low and then went silent forever?

• say you wake up at 7am. make a comic some time before it becomes 8am! then after 8am, make a comic before it becomes 9am! it is pretty simple.

• when you are done, scan the comics in and post them on the message board (this year’s will be HERE,last year’s was HERE.) , so we can all look at each other’s days. i think that will be neat

Forvirret? LES MER

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