Illustrasjons- og skrivekurs i italia i sommer/høst

Artist’s summer 2009:
Creative writing and illustration courses organized by Cactus Studioin cooperation with Biblioteche di Roma and Sinnos Editriceand withCTG Roma Insieme and Almayer Onlus

Two courses linked together to offer authors and illustrators the chance to see their work published, as long as they comply with artistic, originality and marketability criteria.

Creative writing for debutant illustrators and authors.
Teacher: Manuela Salvi
when: 30 June – 4 July (from Tuesday to Saturday)
enrolment deadline: 22 June

The course (max 10 participants) is addressed to those illustrators who wish to improve their writing skills in order to become all-round authors and be able to submit to editors finished ideas; writers who wish to make their debut putting themselves to the test in a professional environment.
The texts created during the course will be submitted to the final judgment of a representative from Sinnos Editrice,with the opportunity to be chosen for publication. If one of the stories written by the participants will be considered valuable and particularly interesting – on the intercultural theme – will be given to the students of the following illustration course to be developed into a book.
Tools: computer (or the old-fashioned exercise book and a pen), 3 favourite books.

Illustrating for children. The book as a project.
teacher: Svjetlan Junaković
when: 7 – 11 Sptember (from Monday to Friday)
enrolment deadline: 24 August
goal: specialization

The course is addressed to (max 15 participants) debutant illustrators, art schools students in general. The students will be required to work on the project-book creating a few illustrations for the story chosen by Sinnos Editrice at the end of the creative writing course. A unique opportunity to measure yourself, under the capable guidance of a great master, realizing a concrete project and showing the editor your artistic and operational abilities. At the end of the course, in fact, your illustration will be examined and judged by Sinnos Editrice’s art director, with the chance to be chosen for publication.
Tools: the list of materials required will be given once enrolled.

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