Levi’s: 50% Music, 50% Illustration, 100% Modern Original

Levi’s is collaborating with fresh and young people of art to provide their fans with an opportunity to participate in a creative process alongside an established musician and artist. The creative project was launched to promote the last year’s collection, but it’s still fresh and interesting.

That’s how the brand describes it: “Levi’s Modern Original collection represents individuality and creativity with pioneering design and attention to detail. To celebrate the winter launch of this collection, Levi’s chose to work with two groundbreaking artists: Sulumi, the Chinese godfather of 8-bit music and Yan Wei, a cutting-edge Chinese illustrator. With bold and inventive styles all of their own, these two modern originals perfectly embody the spirit of the new Levi’s collection. By fusing together samples of their work, we built audiovisual canvas that allows anyone to create a fresh and thought provoking piece of work. 50% music, 50% part illustration. 100% Modern Original”.

Levi´s: LES MER

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