Mail Me Art exhibition: Medium Without a Message

In order to gather the vast number of exhibited works currently on show (exhibition ends this Thursday) at Mail Me Art at South London’s Red Gate Gallery, Curator Darren Di Lieto asked for illustrators and artists to post envelopes adorned with artwork to the same address – over a period of a year…
This is the second year running that De Lieto (Senior Editor of Illustration News Portal, The Little Chimp Society) has organised a Mail Me Art show, and both established and amateur artists from around the world contributed – each watching their art disappear into the postal system and awaiting confirmation of its arrival at the other end, with no guarantee it would make the journey intact.

Both of the above submissions are that of Jonathon Cusick, who is known for his work for the Radio Times amongst other things. Jonathon won the monthly competition for Mail Me Art, in July. These pieces can be purchased for £120 each.

Creative Review: LES MER

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