Oslo’s new creative space: Blank Space

Blank Space is a creative space located in Oslo that focuses on bridging the many gaps present in the art world today. They are a very different sort of creative space, as they host a full gallery filled with alternative exhibitions with art not typically found to be ‘Fine Art’; They focus on under-represented aesthetics like illustration, comic books / graphic novels, animation, street art, and concept / production design to show that the art world is much bigger than currently represented in mass media. Blank Space also offers workshops every Tuesday, as well as expanding to offer full classes in Fall 2014, for artists of all levels (seriously, all levels!) but caters to a productive audience. They aim to break the illusion that art isn’t work – and that talent is the reason behind success and not just long, long hours of practice doing a thing you love.

For all their serious morals about the art world, they are very casual and fun. They have sidewalk chalk out for kids to draw, have an interactive mural inside the gallery for anyone to walk in and contribute, and always welcome anyone who is interested in the arts as equals regardless of financial disposition or education level. Their shows are a refreshing change in Oslo hosting shows by Hollywood Special Effects Designer Cliff Wallace, Disney Animator Mingjue Helen Chen, Norwegian Street Artist Martin Whatson, Dot Dot Dot and Stein, and well as upcoming shows with The Art Department’s Sterling Hundley and Paper Cutting Extraordinaire Harikrishnan Panicker. Blank Space also works to bring international lectures, artists, designers and demonstrations to Oslo from big and small industry names, such as Pixar and The Virginia Commonwealth University, to help Oslo artists better their craft.

Every last Tuesday Blank Space host Drink and Draw events where everyone is encouraged to attend; They supply a casual atmosphere for anyone who has been curious about drawing. Focusing on traditional skills but applied in contemporary ways, they host workshops specifically designed by artists and for artists with costumed events, ‘problem area’ nights which focus on specific areas of interest like hands or feet, anatomy events where a professional body builder is hired to highlight muscle groups for designers, and more. They are also the most affordable workshop in Oslo, at only 50kr, despite having trained teachers at every event to help participants. The workshops continue through the summer, every Tuesday, starting at 18:00.

Opening July 4th 2014 is their next exhibition, The Big Review, highlighting their one year anniversary in Oslo. On each wall they will be displaying summarized work from each of their 10 shows over the past year for those who may have missed any, or who just want to come for the free wine and snacks (you know who you are). They welcome everyone to come and celebrate their birthday as only Blank Space knows how – cool people, cool music, cool atmosphere, and of course, cool art.

Shortly they will have artist studios for rent, for those looking for a collaborative and dedicated atmosphere to produce work.

For more information, email blankspaceoslo@gmail.com or visit their website www.blankspaceoslo.com. Opening hours are Friday – Sunday 11:00 – 17:00. Phone: +47 46764567

Blank Space from Blank Space Oslo on Vimeo.

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