PRINTNOMENON i London 2010/11

PRINTNOMENON – Juleutstilling i London søker norske deltagere:

hello there people,
can you ping me j pegs by the end of this week fri/sat/sun 7th. If you want to have your work considered for the first of what will be an annual xmas print and art show.

theme is natural phenomenon
format is screen-printed works/ editions
one/two/three colour prints. edt of 50qty
small scale a4/a3 max (some larger scale work accepted)

please email submissions jpegs to
this is deadline (sun 7th nov)

here is the financial aspect is this show.

50/50 split with gallery on sales.
If work is accepted I can print it all for you and sort everything
out for £125 (everything included/ no extra outlay). but you are
welcome to print it up yourself. If you do print up yourself I have
to set an entry fee of 15£ towards the after party and promo costs
and i also would ask you to find an old second hand antique or
naff modern antique looking frame (preferably distressed) for me to
repaint and offset/embed into the wall of the gallery for hanging.

works on sale will sell for 10 to 40 pounds each. obviously more if larger
scale editions or one off pieces are considered.

As you know I’v got the haggerston booked for the after party and
wouldn’t mind some work for this space so have a think on that also
– only fresh work or unseen work for both spaces.

for recap – dates are as follow.

nov the 7th is the deadline for the designs/illustrations submissions.
nov the 28th is the final final date for handing in prints once confirmation of inclusion is given.
dec the 1st opening for this show+after party
dec the 2nd first thursday opening circuit.
weekend befor xmas promo push for sales
early jan print sale.
show will run 5/6 weeks.

please can you forward this final call out to everyone and make sure it gets about
much appreciated with that – thanks very much,

contact me for further info.


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