Utstilling: We Are All Made of Stars

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Anbefaler alle illustrasjonsentusiaster å få med seg denne veldig spennende utstillingen med duoen Hari & Deepti, som åpner på Blank Space galleri imorgen kveld (fredag 5/6) kl 18.

Det er vel vært å ta en nærmere titt på bildene i galleriet nederst (trykk på thumbnailene).

Her er hva Blank Space skriver om utstillingen:

On Friday, June 5th, 2015 Blank Space is opening its newest show, We Are All Made of Stars, featuring cut paper artist duo Hari & Deepti. This show will feature 12 cut-paper diorama boxes featuring ethereal and fantastical scenes to highlight child-like excitement and fantasy. The opening night is open on June 5th from 18:00 -21:00, and the show lasts until August 30th 2015.

About We Are All Made of Stars
We Are All Made of Stars is the first solo show by husband-wife artist duo Hari & Deepti in Europe. They were previously based in Denver and have recently moved to Mumbai, India.

In this show they bring these stories to life with the play of light and paper. They are fascinated by the versatility of paper and how it draws the audience when it interacts with light. «We want our art to remind the audience of a child like excitement when they first saw a firefly. Having lived most of our lives in a concrete jungle, our work often reaches out to our desire to live free and in tune with nature. We love the wilderness and the sense of being miniscule when in the company of the elements, the mountains, the forest and the ocean. Our art is inspired by the intricate details in nature, our travels, the people we have met, the stories we have collected on the way. We feel like we are exploring the world one day at a time. So in a broad sense we are all explorers in this wide universe, and we are all made of stars.»

About the artists
Hari & Deepti believe they are story tellers who bring their stories to life through their intricate paper cut light boxes. They have always been drawn towards the imaginative aspect of story telling. Stories have so many shades and depth in them, and paper as a medium has the exact qualities to reflect and interpret them. They believe that “Paper is brutal in its simplicity as a medium. It demands the attention of the artist while it provides the softness they need to mold it in to something beautiful. It is playful, light, colorless and colorful. It is minimal and intricate. It reflects light, creates depth and illusions in a way that it takes the artist through a journey with limitless possibilities.”

They started experimenting with paper cut shadow boxes in 2010 with hand painted watercolor paper which was then cut and assembled in a wooden box to create a diorama, with years of practice their art has become more intricate and minimal at the same time. They started experimenting with lights and simplified their pieces by losing the colored aspect of the paper. They have since then evolved to add their own style of paper cut art incorporating back-lit light boxes using flexible LED strip lights.
“What amazes us about the paper cut light boxes is the dichotomy of the piece in its lit and unlit state, the contrast is so stark that it has this mystical effect on the viewers.”

They have been featured in many publications including Colossal, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Bored Panda, Supersonic Art, Laughing Squid, My Modern Met Blog, ArtFido and more.

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