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Varoom går fra styrke til styrke med spennende artikler om tegning, illustrasjon og utstilinger for engelske illustratører. Bladet har en miks av tradisjonell og moderne illustrasjon, med velskrevne artikler. Bladet blir gitt ut av engelske The Association of Illustrators (AOI).

  • What unites haute couture and political posters?
  • Uptown luxury department store window-dressing and downtown graffiti art?
  • Retail packaging and computer games?

The 21st Century has chosen illustration to be its defining art form, and Varoom is the perfect platform. The award-winning contemporary illustration magazine, relaunchs this summer with a fantastic new design and expanded editorial content.
Varoom will continue to report and comment on the contemporary ‘illustrated’ image in modern society, featuring interviews with illustrators, image-makers and designers and revealing critical articles on different aspects of contemporary illustration by
leading commentators.

Varoom tracks the very latest in the world of illustration, discovering the new styles, exploring the world of illustrators and the people who commission them, digging deep into the big social, political and cultural ideas expressed in current illustration. Showing the most exciting, provocative, moment-defining work, and revealling the creative and human stories
behind it.

Varoom is edited by journalist, copywriter and writer John O’Reilly and art directed and designed by highly-regarded design team Studio Fernando Gutiérrez.

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