We call it visual writing

Lyst på litt vinterlesing og inspirasjon? Vi har fått nyhetsbrev om ny utgave av magasinet Varoom. Du kan laste ned en prøve på pdf HER.



Varoom 23
– the illustration report
Illustration, Culture, Society Autumn 2013

Varoom 23: AfterWords: Awards Issue spotlights a dramatic shift in our society and culture. In a world of Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube our communication and interaction is shifting from words to images. This unique, must-have issue reveals the best international award winning images you’ll need to see in 2013. Celebrating the Webbys, Angoulême Prix Revelation, V&A Illustration awards, the BAFTA short animation Winner, the Caldecott Medal winner and the AOI Illustration Awards – the world’s most comprehensive award for illustrators highlighting image-making in areas from Children’s Books to Knowledge and Research to Public Realm. All the winners discuss their artwork and the process behind it.

Varoom also talks to Jeremy Leslie about his new Visual Journalism book on magazines; Nick Sousanis reveals how he created his doctoral thesis as a Graphic Novel; Visual Editions Anna Gerber and Britt Iversen discuss howthey are publishing new kinds of reading experiences, “We call it visual writing”, and Lawrence Zeegen describes an eye-opening insight into illustration’s future with Christoph Niemann’s Petting Zoo app.

Angela Barrett’s atmospheric illustration for Pride and Prejudice, emphasising communication without words, graces the cover.

Who needs words?

Varoom is available as a single issue or a subscription at the AOI shop at www.shop.theaoi.com. It can be mailed around the world.


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